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Finding a system to work with your data & process that fits your specific needs is difficult. Custom software development is costly. And your needs often change over time.

Cards lets you combine building blocks to store, search & relate information in a flexible way. And keep up with your needs!

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What can you do with cards?

Cards lets you easily create the system you need. It helps you by providing ready-to-go building blocks.

  • Manage your bookmarks with topics & queues
  • Don’t lose important opportunities! Keep track of your customer relations with this extensible app.
  • Maintain overview, prioritize & work with your projects visually using drag & drop.
  • Use the the recruiting app to avoid losing track of good candidates.
  • Never lose a good idea again and keep track of your blogging with this handy planner.
  • Avoid confusion and keep track of information when working together in a group.
  • Simple note taking system you can extend to your needs.
  • Easy to use project management keeping track of tasks, bookmarks & comments.
  • Track courses, opportunities & enrollment
  • Keep track of devices like laptops, phones servers and infrastructure in an organisation.
  • Keep track of documentation, procedures and notes in this knowledgebase.
  • This is an blank collection to build what you need from scratch!

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100% customizable, no coding necessary

Create visual cards that have exactly the fields you need to store. No more custom fields. The ready-to-go app templates give you a quick starting point which you can tailor to your requirements.

Keep overview: make it visual

Long lists and lot's of different spreadsheets can be difficult to keep an overview of. Humans process visual data much easier.

Cards helps by making your workflow visual by using board layouts. Make changes by just drag & drop cards around.

Use saved views to track cards and have the right information at the right time. Basic reporting gives you quick insights into your data.

100% customizable
On mobile or desktop
Visuall workflows
Embed, e-mail, share
Collaborate realtime
Easy to integrate

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