Ready to go apps

These pre-build apps are ready-to-go & build to solve specific use-cases.

Use them as-is, or even better, modify and extend to match your exact needs!

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  • Manage your bookmarks with topics & queues
  • Don’t lose important opportunities! Keep track of your customer relations with this extensible app.
  • Maintain overview, prioritize & work with your projects visually using drag & drop.
  • Use the the recruiting app to avoid losing track of good candidates.
  • Never lose a good idea again and keep track of your blogging with this handy planner.
  • Avoid confusion and keep track of information when working together in a group.
  • Simple note taking system you can extend to your needs.
  • Easy to use project management keeping track of tasks, bookmarks & comments.
  • Track courses, opportunities & enrollment
  • Keep track of devices like laptops, phones servers and infrastructure in an organisation.
  • Keep track of documentation, procedures and notes in this knowledgebase.
  • This is an blank collection to build what you need from scratch!

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