Avoid confusion and keep track of information when working together in a group.

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There are lots of collaboration tools online; specially if you need a fairly standard workflow. But what if you need to plan, organize and work on something a bit more special? Cards can help!

This is a complete collaboration platform for small teams. It helps you by making things like tasks, ideas and goals visible.

Keep everyone on the same track with the automatic updates.


  • Goals
    Keep track of the overall goals of the collaboration here. What do we want to accomplish?
  • Tasks
    Here you can split the goals into smaller more concrete steps. Assign the steps to a person and track the progress.
  • My tasks
    Here you can work on your tasks.
  • Idea board
    Often you have a lot of good ideas floating around that are not yet ready to turn into actual tasks, but they are still valuable so you want to keep track of them!
  • Meeting planning
    Use the calendar to get an overview of planned meetings. Use the log & tasks to keep track of decisions and actionable tasks that result from the meetings.

With cards:

  • Meeting
  • Task
  • Link
  • Idea
  • Goal
  • Image
  • Attachment