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Simple customer relation manager: keep track of organisations, contacts and the opportunities.

Do you have fairly standard customer acquisition & sales process? Then there are a lot of great CRM systems to choose from.

However if you have specific requirements, work in a niche market or want to integrate customer relations with other business process this CRM solution might be for you!

Getting a quick overview

Use the opportunities kanban-board view to get a quick overview: which opportunities is the organisation currently working on and what is the status? This view also gives you an insight in the total value estimated that is in the opportunity pipe-line.

Daily operation

Use tasks to schedule follow-ups on open opportunities. For example: the next call, e-mail or quotation. The tasks view let's each person instantly see that can be done next to progress the opportunities.

Getting focus

Having an overview on all oppertunities, contacts and tasks in your organisation is great but sometimes you need to focus, for example when working on a specific organisation. Use the detail views to see all information for a specific organisation together. Here you can also work with visual overviews, but now just the opportunities for that organisation.

Integrate & extend

Use the build-in integrations of Cards to make working with your CRM system easier.

For example: use the e-mail integration to link incoming messages to contacts & opportunities. In this way you can get up-to-speed on the actual conversation with the customer more quickly.

Use integrations like the RSS feed and the API to connect your CRM process to other parts of your business. Almost anything is possible, we can help you with this.


The out-of-the-box CRM system helps you keep track of organisations, contacts, opportunities, tasks and conversations. You can use it as-is, but you can also extend it to fit your business requirements.

For example: link the information from your CRM process with support process, product & order status or other business process. The limits are endless. We can help you get started with custom requirements, just contact us.