Build your system

Build your own system with visual cards. Need a combination of CRM, orders and project management? No problem, you can.

Use one of the app templates to get quickly started, i.e project management, CRM, notes, collab. Or combine parts from different apps to get a system that exactly fits your needs.

If your requirements change, and they often will, you can always easily adapt your system.


Use views to quickly access the information

See all relevant information in one view with the visual card view. The table view lets you fit as much information as possible on one display.

Cards: relevant info. on visual cards

Table: show as much as possible on one screen

List: find the item you need

Board view: visual swimlanes + drag & drop for quick overviews

Timeline: shows when, duration & simultaneity

Calendar: shows when and where


Robots help you automate repetitive work. They can make new cards from incoming e-mail, send a notification so you don't miss anything or move cards trough the system for you.

Working together

Use cards in your team to plan, coordinate and keep track of information. Everyone up-to-date and on the same page. The notification system helps keep everyone on the same page with notifications and @mentions.

Combine structured + unstructured

Cards lets you combine the structure of a database with the flexibility of a Wiki, and switch easily between the two.

For example: use cards to articles that reference each other. Link the articles to processes in a organisation.



Use webhooks & the API to connect cards to other systems. In this way you can easily create a flexible backend.

With the publish feature you can display a list of cards on your website. The CSV export let's you import cards into Excel or other databases.

Documentation & onboarding

Getting started with Cards for a specific usecase is easier with the build-in onboarding tool. This tool gives you, directly from within the tool, context on how you can use the different parts.

You can also use this tool to on-board people in your team or customers on custom build apps.


Use inline reporting to get a quick overview on stats. For example: the amount of overdue tasks, total hours spent, etc ...

This helps you keep on top of things.

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