Link cards together

You can relate information in cards by linking different cards together. For example: link multiple “task” cards to a “project” card. Or link “person” cards to a “company” card.

A card can be linked to one or more other cards thus making complex structures. You can add new links and remove existing links between cards at any time.

Adding a link between cards

Add links between cards by adding a “related to” field on the card type. You can do this by clicking “Add related card” on the card type of the child card you want to link to another parent card.

So for example: to link tasks to a project, click the “Add related card” button when editing the “task” card type and select the “project” card type.

Next you can select a project when adding a new task card to your collection. You can also add tasks card to a project from the project detail page. In this example: click the title of a project card to view & manage all tasks belonging to this project.

Detail view

The detail view helps you to manage related information more easily and allows you to get a picture of a parent card with all related children in one view.