How to use relations to add structure to your information

You can link cards to other cards to add structure to your card collections. For example: link task cards to a specific project cards. Or contact cards to an organisation card.

Before linking cards together you first need to add a relation to the card types you want to link.


  • Start by navigating to the card you want to link to another card type. In the example of linking tasks to a project navigate to the task card type

  • Add a new field to the task card, select "Link to card" as the field type

  • You can now select the project card type

Done, you can now save the card type.

You can now work with the relation in 2 ways:

  • Create a new child (i.e a "Task") card, here you can select to which project(s) the task should be linked

  • Open the details view of a parent (i.e a "Project") card by clicking the title of a card. You can now add tasks directly to a project.