How to start collaborating on cards in a team

You can use card collection to store & manage information for yourself. Cards can also be a powerful collaboration tool by inviting team members to work on cards together.

In this way each team member has access to the same up-to-date information. By using views you can coordinate work and keep everyone on the same page. The activity overview shows what is happening by showing recent card updates by team members.

You can assign cards to specific team members by adding a "Person" field to the card type. For example: assign a task to one or more persons.

By mentioning a team member on a card (use the "@" sign and select the team member in a text field) he or she gets an notification by e-mail.

How to add a team member

  • Cards can be shared on level of a collection, so first navigate to a collection.
  • Next click on the "Activity" view in the left sidemenu
  • Now click on "Team" in the top menu on the activity view

Now you can invite a person by adding his or her e-mail address. The system will sent an e-mail with an invite link. When the recipient clicks the link access will be granted to the collection and it will appear in the left side menu.


A team member can have a "normal" or "admin" role in a specific collection. You can change this in the "Team" screen from the "Activity" view.

Normal users can view & add cards. Admin users can also change card types (for example: adding fields or relations) and can invite other team members.