How to publish cards on a website or via RSS

You can work with cards just from the webinterface but sometimes you want to display specific cards in other places. For example on your website.

In this way you can use cards to centrally manage content where you then automatically publish specific cards on a public view-able website. Perfect to keep visitors or co-workers up to date and on the same page.

For example: show recent news & announcements, projects you are working on (or have completed), current status of project planning on an intranet website.


  • Start by navigating to a card type to show a list of cards of that type. For example show all "Project" cards.

  • Next filter the card list, so you only see the cards you want to publish. For example: filter the "Project" cards on status "Completed". Or filter "News article" cards on the checkbox "Published".

  • Now click the publish icon. The system will now create a view for you, this view is used to determine which cards publish. When new cards match this view in the future they will automatically be published. When cards no longer match the view they will be removed from the published list of cards.

In the publish pop-up you can now select which fields you want to be visible.

Next you can select from different ways to publish the cards:

Unique URL

This is the easiest method. The system has generated an URL you can open to display a list of cards from the view. Only the fields you select when publishing are visible.

You can share this URL with other persons. They do not need to be logged in to view the cards.


Use this option to embed a list of cards into a website or intranet page. You need to be able to access the sourcecode of the website.

Copy and paste the complete include on the page you want to show the cards.

RSS Feed

Use this option to create an RSS syndication feed from the list of cards. RSS feeds can be often used a information source in other applications.

For example: to publish on social media, in news readers or to integrate with other applications.

Just copy the RSS url into another program or website that supports RSS feeds and the cards will show up as separate items.