How to use robots to automate workflows

Doing some action repeatedly often is no fun: so why not use robots? In Cards you can create robots that watch for specific situations and can then take an action.

Some examples:

  • Move a task card to the queue "Work to do" when the planned date on the cards is now.
  • Send an alert for "Order" cards that are open for more than 2 weeks.
  • Send a card to another system when it's status is moved to "Ready" via a webhook.
  • Assign a "Workorder" card to a specific person for the final check after all tasks linked to the card are completed
  • Automatically create a "Bookmark" card to save a link when you send an e-mail from your phone

These are just some examples: you can create almost any automation by combining one or more robots to work on your cards. So quite powerful and a way to save time and (also important) avoid mistakes by automating repeating tasks.

Robot types

There are currently 3 robot types you can create;

  • Webhook: send a card to another system when it matches a specific condition(s).
  • Alert: send an alert when a card matches a specific condition(s)
  • Email: create cards from incoming e-mails, a mailbox is created for you
  • Automation: make changes to cards that match a specific set of conditions (for example: assign a card to a person, update the status, etc ...)

So how does it work

  • First open the "Robots" from the left sidemenu
  • Next you can select the type of robot you want to create
  • For the "Webhook", "Alert" and "Automation" types you can now choose which fields to match before a card is handled by this robot
  • For the "Automation" type you can also determine which fields should be changed by the robot

That's it, you can now enable the robot. For automation robots you can see the changes the robot makes in the activity overview of the collection.

Tip: need to make a one-time change to a large number of cards? Just make an automation robot and let it run once, after that you can remove it. Perfect for bulk changes.